For parents whose native language is not Japanese 母語を日本語としない保護者の皆様へ


For parents whose native language is not Japanese. 【母語を日本語としない保護者の皆様へ】

We would like to share some useful information related to the corona virus or COVID-19 which are shown on our school homepage. Please download this information which is translated in 13 languages.

To avoid having ncov19, we recommend you to read the information and follow the advice given, such as, regularly wash with soap and water for 20 seconds, wear a mask, gargle often, avoid crowds, keep your distance from others, observe social distancing, etc. even though school has not yet started and your kids still stay at home.

We would like to request you to monitor the body temperature of everyone in the family every day. Please check if there is fever, cough, difficulty to breathe, fatigue, phlegm, diarrhea, cannot taste, cannot smell, etc. If your child or any member of your family has fever (more than 37.5oC) for 4 days, feeling tired/fatigue, and difficulty to breathe, please contact:

Tsukuba Public Health Center

Telephone no. 029-851-9287        ( 9:00 – 17:00 )

Please follow their instruction or advice.

If you are advised to go to the hospital and you cannot speak Japanese well, you can point your finger on the key phrases shown on Point-and-speak YUBISASHI info posted on our homepage and show it to the hospital staff, nurses or doctors. In addition, you can also use google translate on your Smartphone, iPhone or iPad so that you can talk to them and understand what they are saying to you.

 We hope that no one will have the corona virus and everyone will continue to have good health.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

From: Azuma Elementary School


Point-and-Speak YUBISASHI for COVID-19【新型コロナウィルス対応 指さし会話】

新型コロナウィルス対応 指さし会話 Point-and-Speak YUBISASHI for COVID-19
19ヶ国語会話ツール無償配布 COVID-19 Phrases in 19 languages (FREE) 母国ではない国で、言葉が分からず不安になっている方々がたくさんいます。 医療機関や異国での日常生活において必要な言葉を収録しています。




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