For foreign guardians (外国人の保護者の皆様へ)

Our school has still closed due to the Covid-19. We think that many parents have anxiety.
Thanks to the volunteers, we are now able to introduce you to “The Covid-19 Countermeasure Card Multilingual Edition”.
This is a card that summarizes organizations and groups that are useful when you have a problem with your life or money due to the influence of the Covid-19.
It has been translated into about 10 languages. Please take advantage of it.
(It is posted on the right bar of this website. Please check it.)

このたび、ボランティアの方々の努力により、「新型コロナ対策カード 多言語対応版」を皆様にご紹介できるようになりました。このカードは、新型コロナの影響で、生活やお金に困っているときに助けてもらえる仕組みや団体をまとめたカードです。およそ10か国語で訳されています。どうぞご活用ください。

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